Itoi’s Almost Daily Diary 11/06/16 – Translation

Shigesato Itoi’s (of the Earthbound fame) daily diary translation practice.

Yesterday, the people over at the Atelier Shimura had a kind of conversation-meeting (座談会) thing over at TOBICHI. Whether it was about stuff like dyeing, or stuff like weaving, or stuff like traditional culture – rather than just a matter of one coming after the other in succession – with Shimura Fukumi-san, and whatever came from Youko-san, it had the impression of the whole act of respiration (まるごと呼吸しているという印象でした). Of course, for those with Shimura-san, and those bunch of students (お弟子さんたちも), and even with us – what we thought was, with regards to those Words – it was really one’s forte (得意なほうだと思います). Nevertheless, it wasn’t a matter of words coming from and taking over words, but more like swimming in an entire sea, with the very crux of one’s whole personality (全身全人格), entirely so – being sucked in heart and skills and all (こころや技を吸収している). That was what I thought. Read more