Itoi’s Almost Daily Diary 11/13/16 – Translation

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Dogs and cats play with their toys. Satisfied in whatever kind of hunting instinct, or happily gnawing on any given feed – they play without knowing the reason of their play.

Humans too will play with toys. Toys where you have to build up a form, or even toys that can be defined by rulebooks. There are also toys like quizzes – which they’ll puzzle themselves over. Toys where you have fun although you’re just observing, and toys where you get on and run. And if you really think about it, that thing that we call work – can’t we say that we’re really just playing around in the midst of the time itself? Everybody and everyone – just Piipyara Piipyara-ing along! Even space-flying rocketships, and large temples, and the haute-est couture in fashion, and paintings, and dramas, and stories, and movies – everyone’s toys!

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Itoi’s Almost Daily Diary 11/06/16 – Translation

Shigesato Itoi’s (of the Earthbound fame) daily diary translation practice.

Yesterday, the people over at the Atelier Shimura had a kind of conversation-meeting (座談会) thing over at TOBICHI. Whether it was about stuff like dyeing, or stuff like weaving, or stuff like traditional culture – rather than just a matter of one coming after the other in succession – with Shimura Fukumi-san, and whatever came from Youko-san, it had the impression of the whole act of respiration (まるごと呼吸しているという印象でした). Of course, for those with Shimura-san, and those bunch of students (お弟子さんたちも), and even with us – what we thought was, with regards to those Words – it was really one’s forte (得意なほうだと思います). Nevertheless, it wasn’t a matter of words coming from and taking over words, but more like swimming in an entire sea, with the very crux of one’s whole personality (全身全人格), entirely so – being sucked in heart and skills and all (こころや技を吸収している). That was what I thought. Read more