Kagerou Touryuuki – A Dark and Narrow Room



And to speak of the light sources in the room, we would have to point to only the lamplight of a paper lantern in a single nook. Coming from an old illuminant like that, even the light itself looked old, and there was the charm of the deepening shadows wherever the light encountered the darkness.


Kagerou Touryuuki – Sensual Skin



In the darkness, with a layer of those black robes pulled down to her shoulders. Emerging, tender skin as if a smear of tallow – white, so white, in the darkness.

Source: Kagerou Touryuuki


Expression – implying lack of experience and an inability to grasp the essence of things

Source – Bengarachou Hakubutsushi



This so-called writer was still around the age of 20, and of those works he brought to the fore, questioning the epoch he was situated in, were only one or two volumes – and thus he was a beginner that had neither grasped the seas nor the mountains, so to put it quite frankly, we can lose that profound vision of depth, and see him as a young fledgling chick learning how to fly, cheekily pecking about with his soft beak.