Chinese Expression: 華佗再世

Chinese Translation of Maijou Otarou’s Smoke, Soil & Sacrifices. An idiom used to describe a really good doctor.


Hua is considered a shenyi (Wade–Giles: shen-i; 神醫, “divine doctor”) and is worshipped as a medicinal god or immortal in Daoist temples. “Hua Tuo zaishi” (Wade–Giles: Hua To Tsai-shih; 華佗再世, “Hua Tuo reincarnated”) is a term of respect for a highly skilled doctor.

Expression: Violence Begets Violence

The Japanese version is:


Which translates directly to ‘Exercised violence begets further violence’

Source: Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome




Perchance you would know what a “Friendship Fist” is?

If – that period comes about which necessitates directing a fine visitation of an iron-fist upon the soft muscular of a proximal human’s cheek, we grit our fists. I shall kindly illustrate it for you. Kindly witness the thumb, left on the outside to enclose the fist – namely, the other four fingers… stuck together like metal fittings while locked in by that mechanism. The fact of this thumb is what charges up the fist, ensuring that this comrade’s cheek and pride shall undergo a full pulverization until not an unbesmirched locale is left. There is that ever so important expression left to us in history that “the act of violence shall invite further violence” – and with this thumb as the starting point, may we find the flames of our hate spreading outwardly into the fields of the world, and in that soon forthcoming madness and despair – shall all of our most cherished and beautiful be placed into the gutters and pisspots without a single exception.


Expression – implying lack of experience and an inability to grasp the essence of things

Source – Bengarachou Hakubutsushi



This so-called writer was still around the age of 20, and of those works he brought to the fore, questioning the epoch he was situated in, were only one or two volumes – and thus he was a beginner that had neither grasped the seas nor the mountains, so to put it quite frankly, we can lose that profound vision of depth, and see him as a young fledgling chick learning how to fly, cheekily pecking about with his soft beak.